March 2014

Since Adam and Eve and their rebellion against God, the world has been ruled by Satan, the liar, the deceiver, the dragon, the destroyer who comes as an angel of light, so that the people don’t notice that he’s behind their suffering and destruction.

How does he work? Mainly through reasoning; he plants his own thoughts into our minds. Have you ever had the thought that no-one loves you, that no-one wants you, that life isn’t worth living, that your parents don’t love you, that your partner doesn’t love you, your teacher isn’t nice, your neighbor is strange, etc.? These thoughts are neither ours nor those of God about us, but from the old serpent. The Devil sends those like arrows into our mind. What happens to those who accept these thoughts as their own, as the truth? They commit suicide, or get depression and land in the psychiatric ward, or are simply unhappy for the rest of their lives. What does an unhappy person do? He complains, or hardly speaks, or is aggressive; everyone else is at fault for his misfortune, so he always has relationship problems. What’s the reason for all of the divorces? Why are there conflicts in families and even fights between people? Satan pits thoughts against each other and if we accept those, then we have problems. These thoughts can sometimes be right, but we have to release them by speaking to the other person and, for example, forgiving them etc.

Several times, I have visited people in psychiatric clinics and spoken with them. There were almost always conflicts in their lives, with accusations against their parents, marriage partners, relatives, colleagues, etc. The Bible says that if you want to live a long and good life, you must love and honor your parents. How many people have a good relationship with their parents? Bitterness, unforgiveness, anger are widespread and cause illnesses. Jesus knew that, that’s why he always said: forgive, forgive, forgive! Otherwise you will get sick. Who wants you to be ill and unhappy? Satan misuses the injuries in your childhood and the injuries of your life to destroy you, because he hates you and doesn’t want you to spend eternity in the place where he once was a beautiful angel of God. He wants you to spend your eternity in hell, where he will also be. If you can’t forgive, then ask God to give you the strength to do so. Forgiveness is a decision, not an emotion!

How else does Satan work? With curiosity! How many people want to know their future? Lots of them! So every day, they read their horoscope, go to a fortune teller, medium, etc. What happens when you do something like that? You open your life to demons and spirits who can completely destroy your life. How do they “know” all about your life? The demons who have been active for the last six thousand years (since the fall of mankind) tells you everything you want to know, whether it actually is the case or not. Spiritual healers work with powers of darkness, with energies, etc. These energies are nothing other than demons. The Bible says: whoever among you who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritualist or who consults the dead etc. sins greatly against God, because all of that is detestable to Him.

We live in the age of wellness, you always hear that if you are stressed, you should do yoga, meditate, etc. and if you want to do something positive for yourself then go have a massage, do Reiki, kinesiology, hypnosis, acupuncture, homeopathy, energy therapy, color therapy and all sorts of nonsense. Humbug. What happens when you meditate? You turn off your mind, it goes to sleep! Who takes over control of your mind at that point? Satan, spirits, demons! God never wants us to turn off our mind, because when we do that, someone else takes over control and at some point we start to go crazy. You can’t sleep, you hear voices, noise in your ears, you’re afraid of everything, you are depressed, etc. Where does that come from? From the powers of darkness, from spirits, from demons, from the so-called energies. You have opened the door for them. If you want them to leave, you have to command them to go in the name of Jesus.

Where do meditation, yoga, Thai massage, Reiki, etc. come from? From Buddhism, Hinduism, from eastern religions. Religions don’t come from God, religions are Satan’s best inventions. You just have to find out sometime how Reiki came into this world. Religions and occultism, spiritualism almost always appear together. The Catholics bow before icons and statues, the Buddhists and Hindus bow before their idols. Get rid of all those things if you want to spend your eternity in heaven. We live in a fallen world, we get ill but God can heal us. If that doesn’t happen, then we trust in Him and don’t turn to Satan’s tools.

There are people such as witches, wizards, shamans, gurus, etc. who quite consciously work with demons, but most people very naively fall into Satan’s net. Many of them, also children and young people, enter into Satan’s clutches through table levitation, Ouija boards, but also through satanic music and films. Who controls Hollywood? Aren’t most films – not only the violent or immoral ones - also occult? Take, for example, Harry Potter, which is nothing other than wizardry. Have you noticed that there are an increasing number of films with figures who are half human being, half animal? These films are inspired by Satan, so that children lose their fear of spirits. “Shrek (a film character) is my friend!” But Shrek is a demon! Watch out about what kind of films your children are watching! You can have big problems.
Who controls fashion? How is it that young women shave off their beautiful hair? That they walk around half naked? That they are wearing T-shirts or rings or other ornaments with skulls? All of that stuff is hellish, whether you believe in it or not. Television and music have changed society and thrown it in the dirt. Good becomes bad and bad is good. Satan the perverter has done a good job. How can people like Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Marilyn Manson and countless other stars have such great influence on people, particularly youngsters? Beyoncé has stated it publicly. She said: It’s not me who is singing and dancing… it’s someone inside of me, a spirit, Sasha, who is doing it all through me. Who is “Sasha” in her? A demon!

Many people, particularly young people, do martial arts or self defense sport: karate, judo, kung-Fu and many others. Where do these sports come from? From Buddhist monasteries, so there is eastern religion behind them. We are always told that Buddhism is so nice and loving, but with martial arts, you can not only protect someone but also kill people. How can normal people break bricks with their bare hands or do many other things? While they are doing these things, the students and teachers use mantra-style names and call on names. What kind of names? Names of demons who give them the strength!

Satan has developed countless methods to take us captive. Look at all of the tattoos, piercings, etc. Man wanted to be free of God and so he became Satan’s prisoner. So many parents and grandparents absolutely don’t want their child to follow Jesus Christ and don’t realize that if the child doesn’t follow Christ, it will follow Satan. There’s no two ways about it, it’s either one or the other.

Do you have nightmares? Do you hear voices? Is there a constant buzzing in your ears? Can’t you sleep? Are you afraid of everyone and everything? Do you suffer from depression? Are you addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex or do you have a violent temper? Don’t throw away your life, because it’s valuable, it’s a gift of God! There is a solution: Call upon Jesus Christ! Separate yourself from occult books, CDs, occult objects, Buddha statues, yoga, martial arts etc. etc.

Jesus loves you, Satan hates you! Declare to Satan that you want nothing more to do with him; start a new life. Read the Bible, talk to Jesus, be baptized in the Name of Jesus and seek fellowship with people who love Jesus.

We aren‘t fighting against flesh and blood, but against powerful and violent beings, namely against the lords of the world who rule in this darkness, together with the evil spirits under heaven.

I am certain that neither death or life, angels or powers, present or future events, high or low, nor any other creature can separate us from God’s love which is in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Amen